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What we are

BOSS Plastic Pvt Limited. is one of the fastest growing companies in the moulded plastics industry in Pakistan. The Company enjoys a national leadership position in its product line, that is moulded furniture, as demand for these has exploded over the last few years. BOSS has successfully leveraged the opportunity by growing its capacity faster than the industry average. This has been combined with a track record for quality products and the launch of innovative designs at quick intervals to suit customer preference. The result: BOSS has stood out from the competitive clutter of the market place.

Brief Introduction

Pakson International Plastic Industry was founded in 1989, and has been working to produce high quality Moulded Furniture, Plastic Chairs (public chairs, garden furniture) Revolving Chairs (computer revolving chairs, executive chairs, office furniture) Steel Plastic (steel plastic furniture, steel plastic chairs & tables) Public Sofa (waiting room furniture ) Snack Tables ( plastic tables, folding tables, computer tables ) School Furniture ( study chairs, study desks, study furniture ) Baby furniture ( kid furniture, children furniture) Household ( plastic tubes, plastic stools, flower pots, house hold plastic furniture) etc with the brand name "BOSS" has earned good business reputation. "BOSS" always insists on principles of honesty and clear cut target as the ultimate goal & has the best merchandise, distribution system to all the countries in the world. Let the wide selection of our products & our professional services bring you a lot of pleasure in working with us. Boss Moulded Furniture is one of the fastest growing companies in the moulded plastic industry in Pakistan. The company enjoys a national leadership position in its product line. As demand for these has exploded over the last few years Boss has successfully leveraged the opportunity by growing its capacity faster than the industry average. This has been combined with a track record for quality products and the launch of innovative designs at quick intervals to suit customer's preference. The result boss has stood out from the competitive clutter of the market place.

Managing Director's Message (Marketing)

Mr. Azam Mughal Observers might question why Boss is publishing an environment report even though injection moulding process is cleaner and usually generates no effluents. We recognize that: Co-operation is essential. Environmentalists, businessmen, scientists and the government must work together to make this world a better place to live in. Information is critical. The more it is available for analysis and awareness, the more effective solutions are. So the environment friendly document is essentially a testimony to our broad conviction that business and industry must leave the world a better place than it was before they started. This broad commitment extends to Boss as well even though our operations do not adversely affect the environment. We are making a positive but indirect profound impact. Because moulded products made in the country can be recycled, the industry has successfully put off deforestation own a long term basis. Extending this argument, we hope to implicate our vision demographically across the country to let green trees help the natures eco system. Contrary to the prevailing view that plastics degrade the environment, the increase use of moulded products is helping to raise our standard of living for the foreseeable future and the health of the environment beyond. Boss's Value proposition to make this world a better place revolves around:

Managing Director's Message (Production)

Mr. Asif Mughal Since the inception of Boss Moulded Furniture, our goal is to bring quality productions in plastic furniture, household items, revolving, and steel plastic. Boss Moulded Furniture owes its leading position in the plastic furniture industry in pakistan and our focus is to become world class manufacturing unit with state of the art technology. Every stage of product evolution design, development, manufacturing, assembly and quality control, is carried out meticulously. After a constant research on our performance, we have learned to satisfy client's expectations. Our Methods are very simple We Plan, We Prepare, We Execute and Deliver the Commitment.

Our 5 Principles

  • Develop products that fulfil the need of customers
  • Deliver products of unfailing consistency and high standards.
  • Reach material to customer however distant they may be
  • Get close to customers and consumers
  • Give customers and consumers the best value for their money

Our Vision and mission

Our VISION The vision of BOSS Plastics is to firmly establish industry leadership in its markets by offering the best value for money to its customers and consumers. Our MISSION We are confident of achieving market leadership through progressive initiatives directed towards our customers, consumers and suppliers

Research & Development

The ongoing commitment to the concept of human space cannot be separated from the support of the department of research and development. This department is fully equipped with high technology laboratory, computerized design system and competent researchers by stressing the factor of safety and comfort, Pakson international Plastic Industry has been funding for various research projects and development.

Our Customer Value Initiatives

Work as business associate with integrity and ethical practices. Work aggressively in new designs, products and capacity. Respond with sensitivity to their changing requirements. Tie their growth into the fiancé growth of the company.

Our Consumer Value Initiative

Closely understanding their changing preferences. Directing solutions and conveniences towards the changing preferences. Increasing the value delivered to consumers. Manufacturing products of high quality which emerge as the industry benchmark. Improving lifestyles and enhancing the standard of living.

Our Society Value initiatives

To contribute to the society through direct support and indirectly through safe environmental practices in tandem with our business growth. Customers refer to dealers and distributor. Consumers refer to those who eventually buy our products

Environment Commitment

As a responsible corporate citizen, Boss plastic is dedicated to protecting human health, resources and the environment. This commitment goes beyond what is legally required by the law of the land has been integrated into the active running of our business

  • Good Corporate Citizen Above all, we will strive to be a good corporate citizen producing products that help restore and preserve the environment
  • Reduce waste We will directly and indirectly reduce waste and effluence and conserve resources.
  • Respects laws We will respect the environment laws of the land and strive to evolve standards that make the world a cleaner place to live in.
  • Employees conduct We will ensure that employees conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the company's environmental policy and objectives
  • Highest quality We will produce goods of the highest quality as a means of preserving the environment
  • Maximize efficiency We will pursue technologies that maximize material efficiency without any adverse impact on the environment
  • Assess impact We will continually assess the impact of plants and products on the environment and the communities in which it sells
  • Educate the public We will strive to educate the public on issues concerning environmental conservation.

Marketing Network

The success of Pakson international Plastic Industry (BOSS) products are inseparably from their integrated and stable marketing network operating in Pakistan. This network has been created with the objective of reaching all potential market segments. Pakson international Plastic Industry (BOSS) wishes to make it easy for its consumers to obtain BOSS products and services.